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About our Program

Sugar Free September
1 Sep 2019

Sugar Free September is a 30 day challenge where you try to eliminate all ‘added’ sugars from your diet.

Did you know that the average kiwi consumes 29 teaspoons of sugar daily! Our aim is to help you give your body a rest from the stuff for 30 days and see if you feel the wellness benefits of having less sugar in your diet.

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Sugar and your health

Sugar Free September Challenge
1 Sep 2019

Why is sugar bad for you?

When we eat or drink sugar or foods containing carbohydrates, our body breaks it down into glucose (sugar) and circulates it in our blood stream. When we have glucose in our blood stream, a hormone called insulin gets produced and its role is to grab onto glucose and get it out of the blood stream to be used as energy for cells or stored in the muscles and liver for later.

By having too much insulin during the day due to the amount of total carbohydrates (in particularly refined carbohydrates such as biscuits, chocolate, white bread, white pasta, white rice, pastry, ice cream, lollies, cakes, juice or soft drinks) especially if one is less active, can encourage the body to store more fat, play havoc with your energy levels, mood, liver function and in the long term increase risk of insulin sensitivity, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

You will learn more from our weekly tips and Sugar Free September pack. Taking out refined sugars is great but do be cautious of substituting refined sugar to excess natural sugars i.e. fruit sugars.

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Why do our Sugar Free September Challenge?

You may be new to this or just need a 'restart' back into good eating habits but being aware of the food you are buying from slices to cereals can have a big effect on your mood, energy, digestion, concentration and waistline.

This challenge is to help you get back to basics including

  • keeping you accountable (lets face it- sometimes we know what to do, we just don’t do it!)
  • looking at the ingredients list, the nutrition panel, identifying hidden sugars
  • gaining new ideas for meals and snacks and
  • ultimately being more aware around your food choices from groceries to takeaways (plus we can probably save you money) all while doing it in a fun supportive way!
You don’t have to be 100% perfect but being aware and making the best choices you can over the month is a great way to start to reduce your sugar intake.

What’s allowed?

Sugar Free September
1 Sep 2019

What’s allowed for the challenge:

We know that going completely sugar free will be a challenge. We just want you to do the best you can. A good start is to exclude ‘refined sugars’ from your diet. We want you to explore more whole food, unrefined options during the challenge for meals and snacks and there is a LOT of what you CAN eat, so hopefully you won’t even miss sugar!

What’s OUT: juice, cider, any drinks with sugar, confectionary, baked goods, ice cream, chocolate, refined sugars, lollies, corn syrup, glucose syrup, barley malt syrup, coconut sugar, some sauces. Full list of hidden sugars in the SFS pack

What’s IN: Vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, unsweetened dairy or dairy substitutes, hummus, pesto, nuts, seeds, nut butters, coconut, cream, cheese, olives, lentils, proteins sources. Full list in the pack.

What’s in MODERATION: dried fruit, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, honey, dry white and red wine and spirits with sugar free mixers is allowed, stevia/ erythritol, xylitol.

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Sugar Free September Challenge
1 Sep 2019

What is included in your Sugar Free September registration:

A Sugar Free September E book including new ideas of healthy snacks from store bought to home made with a pantry and fridge shopping list

  • A 30 day menu guide with recipes, to help take the thinking out of meal prep for 30 days
  • Healthy options of what to eat when out and about or in social settings
  • Weekly newsletters with more recipes and motivation tips
  • Access to a weekly webinars to ask questions get support more.
  • Access to a closed community Sugar Free September 2019 group to share support plus win spot prizes.
  • Great discounts from sponsors
  • Every Individual/ Team/Family or Workplace gets a certificate at the end.

Whats the cost?

The challenge $25.00 (inc GST)

ebook's will be emailed out from 30th August.

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Sugar Free September
1 Sep 2019
Just wanted to say thankyou so much for everything! I have had a great journey! Learnt so so much. We don't own scales so I can't tell you how much I've lost but my clothes are loose and I feel fantastic!! I feel like I don't even have a taste for sweet things anymore! -Abbe

The challenge has been shocked me how many things had added sugar in....I actually found it really easy and wasnt that tempted to eat the sugary stuff as all the food ideas you gave us were really yummy and so simple. Im carrying on with this way of eating but would definitely recommend the challenge to anyone. -Megan

I've enjoyed the challenge. Your recipes and emails have kept me on track. You are very positive in your approach and motivating. I would be keen to do again next year and would recommend to others. -Joanna

Hi Kate, loved the challenge! Such a great idea. Learned a lot about what is in our food (and now checking revert thing) that will assist in making better food choices for myself and my family. The healthy treats were a hit, and I had a quarter if a snickers last night and couldn't eat the rest. So it's definitely changed what my mind thinks of a sweet treat. Thank you so all the great recipes and words of encouragement across the Tasman! X -Marjkya

Definitely recommend the challenge as a way to kick start a new sugar-free lifestyle. "You can't unlearn this stuff". -Tonia Hi Kate the challenge has helped me take more notice of what's in the food I eat & taste the flavours more. I'm much more sensitive to sugar now and feel sick after a little bit so it definitely retrains your taste buds. Would be great to do another workshop but maybe with dinner or breakfast food (or a video series of you-like your own cooking show). X -Kalena

Challenge was pretty easy actually! I found I had so much more energy and didn't feel lethargic like I have the last couple of years -Sophie

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Sugar Free September
1 Sep 2019

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